Common Problems

Fast answers to the most common problems

  • What exactly is a pharmacist?
    A pharmacist is a highly trained medical professional specialized in the field of medication. At Idel you have easy access to our pharmacist – including free advice and counseling on prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  • Tired of being overweight?  We can help!
    Obesity is a national problem.  However, try the solution starts with you! Obesity also aggravates all other health problems, ed from asthma to poor circulation to high blood pressure.  There are many contributing factors to obesity, including lifestyle, lack of exercise, overeating, poor diet choices,  hormonal problems and even medications. Let us help you find the right weight loss and diet products best suited to your obesity problem.  Talk to us today and take the first step towards taking control of your weight.
  • Do you carry orthopedic products?
    We carry a full line of orthopedic products, including  braces, wraps and supports.
  • Do your legs hurt from standing all day?
    We carry CircuMed. Circumed will help with your circulation and relieve those hurting legs.
  • Are you waking up multiple times every night to use the bathroom?
    It could be your prostate. We carry ProstaMed. ProstaMed can help alleviate those prostate symptoms.
  • Are you tired and sluggish?
    Your hemoglobin could be low. We can test your hemoglobin and give you the results right away. We also carry HemoMed, to improve your hemoglobin levels.
  • How do I use my blood glucose meter?
    Don’t risk misusing or misreading your blood glucose meter. At Idel Pharmacy, we understand the special needs of people suffering from diabetes and are familiar with all makes and models of blood glucose meters.
    Come in for a visit and let us show you how to properly monitor your blood glucose level.  It an easy way  to stay in control of your diabetes. Your health, and life, depend upon it!
  • Why does it take so long to fill a prescription?
    There’s a lot more involved in filling a prescription than counting pills!  There are many steps involved, beginning with verifying that the prescription matches the patient, that the dosage is correct, the directions are correct, that there are no patient allergies to the prescription and much more.  For your own safety it is important that you fill all of your prescriptions with the same pharmacy, so that your medical records are not fragmented and your pharmacist can check your medications against your patient profile.  We appreciate your patience while working as fast as possible to protect your safety.
  • Can homeopathic medicines, natural products, herbs, vitamins or minerals interact with prescription medications?
    Absolutely!  Always ask your pharmacist if it is safe to take whatever “natural” supplements you are taking with your prescription medications.  Whether “natural” or “synthetic,” you are dealing with chemicals that interact and can cause side effects, including dangerous ones- and in rare cases, lead to serious illness or even death.  In fact, “natural” products can even interact with each other.  Be sure to ask your pharmacist if you are taking safe combinations of “natural” products and supplements.